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What is co-production?

Co-production is when you as an individual influence the support and services you receive, or when groups of people get together to influence the way that services are designed, commissioned and delivered. To put it simply, it’s about the importance of working together, sharing knowledge and co-designing better ways to deliver services with service users, families, and our communities. That is co-production in a nut-shell.

This course will help you to:

Who is it for?

You! Anyone that is interested in challenging the traditional way of providing public services e.g.

Some feedback from previous trainees

"Very impressed. You were wonderful and very engaging with the group. I really enjoyed your delivery of this training."
- Support officer  - Manchester

"Presented brilliantly. Excellent book contains all relevant information and provides a good reference tool."
- Specialist Resource Team - Manchester

"Learnt loads, enjoyed it, and inspired to engage in more co-production"

- Specialist Resource Team - Manchester


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