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Example complaint letters

These are letters that you may use however you like. Feel free to edit them to fit your particular circumstances.

The letters are in Adobe Acrobat format. If your computer cannot read them you will need to download the Adobe PDF reader by clicking on the picture on the right.

To edit the letters to your requirements, select the text, then copy and paste it to your word processor.

More help in letter writing

Lots of useful advice on writing complaint letters (about discrimination of your disabled child) can be found on IPSEA's website here. We strongly recommend you read those pages before sending your complaint letter.

IPSEA also have several example complaint letters that you can adapt for your use here.

Example letters - click on the letter icon

My child is excluded from or discriminated against in a school service such as an after-school club.

My child is excluded from, or discriminated against, in a service offered to the public such as a sports or activity club.

Detention being used as a punishment for disabled children.

The Local Authority won’t provide special transport to school for my disabled child.

A school won’t admit my disabled child

Special Educational Provision is not being made for my child

There are several example complaint letters in Appendix 1 of the Equality and Human Rights Commission booklet:

"Education - how do I make a claim".