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A parent's guide to disability discrimination and their child's education

This course course trains parents in the disability discrimination parts of the Equality Act (EA) and what rights it gives them and their children in education, whether it be in nursery, private childcare, school, college, or university.

Researching all your legal rights is hard - this course makes it easy for you, explaining in simple terms exactly what you can expect for your child.

Educational establishments do make mistakes, often unwittingly, with disabled children. As a parent, if you know what your rights are, it can help you work in partnership with your child's setting to get the best out of their education.

Normally, this course is commissioned by charities representing parent groups, or parent/carer forums. To attend this course, if possible, contact the charity that bests supports your child. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly and we will do our utmost to ensure you can attend the next time this course is run.

The course contents include: