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Course feedback

"This was brilliant. It has helped clarify a lot of things for me as a manager. Thank you so much".

Rack House Primary school.

"In the ten years with Parent Partnership, this was the most useful training I've ever had, and delivered in a dynamic and very interesting way. Thank you Geraldine"

Liverpool Parent Partnership

"This has been the most informative training I have trained on. Geraldine as the trainer showed great empathy and spoke from experience. Wish all training could be as brilliant as this. Can't wait to go back to my centre to take info back.”

Broadhurst Park Sure Start Children's Centre

"Lovely easy delivery, true life relevance makes more sense to me"

Traded Services (Manchester)

"Fantastic, well explained and very useful"

Rack House Primary school.

“I feel that this is a fantastic training session, that would benefit parents and all professionals to take part in. I really enjoyed this session and feel I have the information that I need to help and support parents that I work with.”

Moston Sure Start Children's Centre

"Inspiring and raised confidence & knowledge. Fantastic training - one which I will recommend to schools and parents. Best training I have had in a long time."

Manchester Statutory Assessment Team

"This was the most extremely thought provoking training I have done in a long time. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about disability discrimination but after this session realised many aspects need to be address back in school ie training, policies etc"

Cheetham CofE Community (school governor)

"Geraldine made the course interesting from the start as she told us of her personal experience with her son Sam. The fact that everything is in the book we could just sit back and mentally take the information in".

Venture Arts Centre

"Excellent, very informative. Nice to see from a parent's point of view. Thank you".

St Willibrords School

"Very thought provoking - I will be referring back to the handbook on a daily basis! Enjoyed the delivery of the course - very animated and interesting"

Manchester Caseworkers

"No changes the courses was fantastic. Very informative & fantastic very clear information fantastic to be given a book/CD with all relevant resources needed. Thank you"

Alma Park primary

"Fab training course, Extremely useful will use course resources all the time"

Headteacher, Old Moat Community Primary School

"This was entertaining, relevant and informative. Very useful and (surprisingly) fun!"

Rack House Primary school.

"Geraldine was excellent, fantastic day, human, very clear and informative"

SENCO, Crosslee Community Primary School

"Brilliant presentation and what a sense of humour!”

Rack House Primary school.

"Really inspirational, easy listening, easy to follow. As this gets about things will improve and get better. Thanks."

Broadhurst Park Sure Start Children's Centre

"Highly enjoyable, especially as Geraldine was able to speak from personal experience."

Manchester Statutory Assessment Team

"Thank you Geraldine, I've learned a lot, a real eye opener, your personality helps as well s your personal experience"

Rack House Primary school.

"Excellent. Really useful information and very well presented. It has definitely increased my awareness on the topic and will support me in future. Was very interesting and I learned a lot form it. It has given me more confidence in my role at work"

Venture Arts Centre

"Brilliant course and should be made mandatory to school governors/teachers"

School governor

"Geraldine was an excellent course leader, and kept the whole group engaged. Very informative and appropriate content"

Manchester Statutory Assessment Team

"The course has been great for focusing where we need to take this for schools and in modifying our action plan. Thank you"

Barlow Hall School

"Fantastic, informative, all questions answered."

Crab Lane Primary school

"Very interesting and practical. Geraldine shared personal experience that helped and was very down to earth - thankyou."

Horsforth Children's Centre

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and think Geraldine made what can be a difficult subject very easy to understand. I think this was a great introduction course for our new helpline officers"

Liverpool Parent Partnership