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Parent's book

Many parents of disabled or SEN children have some difficulty at one time or another with their child's education. Often the problem is that the nursery or school just don't know what the law says that they must do for disabled children. As a parent it can be very helpful if you already know what the Equality Act says that the school must do. This can also help you when you have to talk to a school about the inclusion of your child. I have written this easy to read book for parent/carers so that they can have a better understanding of the Equality Act in education.


We run fantastic courses for parents that go with the book. I have run this course for Manchester Down Syndrome group and Tourettes Action group in Norfolk and many other parent groups across the country. You can book this course with a group of parents (some groups raise money to fund the course themselves) or you can contact your local parent/carers forum and ask about funding for the training.

A parent's guide disability discrimination and their child's education - 4th ed.pdf

This book explains what the law says, and also includes many example letters that you can use as a guide to writing a letter to your child's school.

Further resources

The book makes reference to further documents that you may wish to read. These documents can be found here.

Click here for more details of the course. If you have any questions about this, please contact us here.

Why not ask your child's school if they would like to book an Inclusive Choice course so that they can avoid any unintentional discrimination against a child? We have great courses for schools to understand their duties.

Getting the book

The book is free to download as a PDF format file, or a professionally bound copy can be ordered for £7.00.